Friday, February 18, 2011

PurrForMance Review 2010

AYLA and IZA:  As Marley only arrived in 2011, we are doin this by ourselfs.


1.  QUANTITY OF OUTPUT:  4 Paws.  Our Bein has helped us ta post almost every single day in 2010.  He missed a few, but overall 99% of days. 

2.  QUALITY OF OUTPUT:  4 Paws.  Some few days wifout pictures, and some days where he posted on OUR blog, but again a better effort than 2009 and when he posted on OUR blog, it was about US!  So paws up to him fer that.

3.  CLIENT PAWTICIPATION:  2 Paws.  He means well, but we can only blog and email.  He just WONT do Facebook, Twitter, or even Catster!  Well, hes OLD an cant be bothered with those things.  We wish he would try...  But we gotta downgrade him on THAT!

4.  PAWTICIPATION, PART II:  4 Paws.  He helps us get inta world events (like Blog For Peace), parties, and contests.  We have done well in contests and have toys and treats to prove it.

5.  CLIENT SATISFACTION:  4 Paws.  With his help, we got more visitors per day in 2010 than in 2009.  And our comment numbers moved from single to double digits.  We have to credit him, as CEO, with a great improvement in company statistics in 2010! 

6.  OVERALL RATING:  3.5 Paws!  It would have been 4 Paws, but he just doesnt have the Social Network talent.  Nevertheless, in view of the solid performance in the other categories, we (The Board of Directorcats) have decided to keep him on for another year.  Changing CEOs is SUCH an annoyance and there are all those "Golden Parachute" clauses in his contract.