Monday, February 21, 2011

How Ta Win


Marley an I both like ta play wif toys a lot.  Here, Marley is chasin a toy behind the plant.
He brought it out an we discussed who should play wif it first.  He said he found it.  I said it was my toy first...
Then he said there were 2 others that I could have in exchange fer his one.

Silly boycat, they are ALL mine...  But I decided ta be kind an turned my back on alla them.  Sure enough, he went for a bloo one he found and batted it around the room. 
Leaving me with the TWO others.  I win!

AYLA:   Um. Iza, weren't the 2 toys ya had ta start with yours already?  An ya dint notice, but Marley took the red mousie away too.  And it seems he is eying the original one now...