Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About Ayla In Heat Again...

THE BIG THING:  Ayla was in heat again the past week.  Many of you are familiar with her odd situation, but I should explain to those who aren't.  It is not indifference on my part.  Ayla  underwent 2 spay operations in 2008 by the breeder's vet, but continues to go into heat.

My own vet (who did a fine spay operation on Iza in 2009) is unwilling to conduct secondary exploratory surgery to try to find the problem.  I accept him saying that he did not feel qualified to do that (though I think he would have been successful).  So she has been unsuccessfully spayed twice.  That makes her a rather unique cat (a uniqueness I could do without - A Siamese cat in heat is remarkably loud).  I even called a radio show vet last Summer about the problem (the response was "gee that's weird, and that's too bad".

I explored hormonal suppressants on the internet, and apparently, they are not authorized in the US (Europe allows them).

My vet suggested that I find a "Board-Certified Feline Surgeon" who might feel more qualified to do follow-up surgery.  I have found 2 within 45 miles (and an hours drive) and emailed them both in December.  Both have indicated confidence that they can successfully complete a botched spay operation.   They each want to see her when in heat for evaluation and then operate in the next cycle.

They both agree it is best to examine her when she is in heat and best to operate when she is in heat.  Unfortunately, timing was bad in Jan (her cycle fell over the weekends and/or snowstorms).  But I was able to get an appointment for evaluation today.  If not for 2 emergency surgeries, Ayla would have been operated on today.  And the vet will be away all of March.  Arghh!

On the good side, he was kind enough to hold an appointment open for the whole week he returns in hopes we catch her in heat then.  Considering that she goes into heat twice a month, the odds are good.

So it is very likely that Ayla will finally be successfully spayed in early March.  It BETTER be successful (Board Certified Feline Surgeons don't come cheap)!  Fortunately, I can afford it.  Still that's 3 years worth of her Evo canned  cat food!

More about this in March...