Friday, March 04, 2011


AYLA:  Well, I wasnt here when it started, but Im the oldest here now (well, other than The Big Thing who is older than dirt).  So I get ta announce that todays post is the 1,500th!  I cant count that high, but TBT can an he told me...

So in honor of this, I went back an found the VERY FIRST POST...

August 25, 2006


The Big Thing In The House has been reading PsychoKitty for 2 times of snow and we have seen pictures of kitties all that time. Sometimes he would laugh or cry and tell us about the other kitties! He finally explained to us (after we walked on the keyboard enough times) that he was reading about the kitties we saw the pictures of. Apparently, it finally connected to The Big Thing that we wanted to try it ourselves.

We don't know how this works out, but we're always willing to give anything a try.

So, we'll start with introductions and then mention a few things about meeting The Big Thing and our kittenhoods in upcoming posts.


I'm Skeeter. I'm the oldest, so I get to start first! I've seen 13 snowy times and 14 hot times. The Big Thing says I was born on July 4th, and that seems pretty important to him, so I'm SPECIAL! I'm orange with a white belly and socks and I am just the handsomest cat there ever was. I'm just a big rippling mass of muscle and I can reach up and paw The Big Thing's belt when we are both on our hind legs! I weighed 16 pound-things once, but I've slimmed down to 14 (all the better to chase those tree-rats outside). Someday, I'll catch one, too! Little sister is fun to play with, but she is mean sometimes.


LC here. "Big Bother" thinks he is sooooo hot stuff, but I know better. We laid out snowy-time sticks once and he only had one more than I did! Big deal… And his precious orange and white fur? Hah, black and white is much nicer and straight-forward, and I am a very straight-forward kitty. If it smells good or it moves, I eat it! When Skeeter was fat, I was lean at 8 pound-things. I'm 10 pounds now and I can knock him right over (when he isn't looking). And when we get done playing, most of the fur-on-the-floor is his. Hah! But he is big and warm, and he is a good groomer, so I like sleeping next to him. When I am tired of being groomed, I just bite his ear (not hard, you know, but it keeps him in his place).


The Big Thing is showing us pictures of ourselves, and we will be choosing some to use soon…

Next – The mystery of the names



So thats how it started.  Im the only kitty here who knew both Skeeter and LC.  Which feels kinna strange.  Iza knew LC, but Marley never met either of em.  I miss them both.  Skeeter was technically a "brother" but he was more like a dear old uncle to me. Always kind and friendly, ya know?  He groomed me the first time I came out of the safe room!

LC was a bit trickier.  She mostly stared at me at first, an there was some hissin, but she became a friend after a few days.  I think I confoosed her cuz I was allus gettin up high on things and she was really a floor cat.  An cuz I kept wantin ta eat outta her bowl.  Well, I was a kitten then...

Here is the best picture I could find of us together...

Thanks for getting us started, Skeeter and LC!  And thanks to all our friends for reading about us.  Thats better than Ham with Nip sprinkled on top.  

 Now, you are all invited ta come ta a party!  I have ham, turkey, Nip, drinks, an toona arranged around the house, Marley has been moving boxes an bags to JUST the right places, an Iza is making the cat trees warm an she has scattered all the toys EVERYWHERE.  TBT even cleaned all the litter boxes an ADDED a extra one fer the occasion...