Sunday, March 06, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

We have decided ta have an Easy Sunday today by  eatin as much as we can get!  The day started with our canned breakfast (Evo Chicken&Turkey), proceeded to the mid-mornin crunchy treats, then to our canned lunch (Soulistic Chicken), and now here we are with our afternoon dry crunchies again.

TBT will want us ta wait til dinner for more canned stinkey goodness, but we have all agreed ta beg and walk unnerfoot til we get dinner early.  That will leave time for more crunchies around mid evening and stinky goodness just before bedtime!

And of course, there will be laptime at LEAST once and likely TWICE.  And toy-tossin...  We think that all adds up ta a very Easy Sunday.  Too bad there are no sunpuddles today, cuz then it would be PURRFECT!

NOTE:   We have been trying to visit our friends today, but mosttimes we get "Error 503" when we try to leave a comment.  We are having heavy rain here, so that may be a problem with the local innernet (we get it trying to do shopping and searches, too).  We will try later...