Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mousie Around Obstacle

MARLEY:  Ooh I have so much fun at The Big Thing's feet sometimes!  I am starting to join Iza for the dinnertime toy toss.  Thats when he eats his dinner onna tray while watchin TV news an tosses toys around.  Iza likes ta chase them an sometimes bring them back (especially squiggles) for another toss.  Me, I prefer ta keep playin with one atta time an usually around his feets.

He shook the rattley mouse for me and I went for it.  I love sounds as good as movements!!!
Picking the mousie around the table leg is good.
It tried ta crawl away, but I got it back.  I pulled it in to me an nommed it fer a while.

Between Iza an me, mousies dont last long here!