Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordy Wednesday Challenge 2011

We are playing WWC2011 with The Cat Blogosphere!

We decided ta be "Wordy" this Wensday in honor of the wunnerful graphics that were done for us by Ann at Zoolatry, and Judi at SAS Sam and Andy's Place for the Wordy Wednesday Challenge 2011! 

Since we dont know which to credit fer each graphic, we will just thank them BOTH so very much...

We will try ta esplain about each of our own pictures below each one; the picture being above the explanation, not below it or even not the other way around, so as not ta be the least bit confoosin!  Like the count of 3 bein not 4 or 2!

AYLA:   I decided MY word was "CLIMBER".  Thats what I do best.  When I used to be able ta go outside, I climbed trees WAY up high to where the evil skwerls lived!  An I got up on a 2 story roof!  Now that I stay inside (very unvoluntarily) I make do with ladders, shelves, doors, etc.

IZA:   MY word was "LAP-SITTER".  Thats where I will be found whenever I have the chance.  In fact, I like laps so much, The Big Thing can lift me up ta shift positions and I just settle right back down again.  Sometimes I hardly wake up.  I dont recognize THIS lap, but that makes it a good symbolism cuz I just like LAPS!

MARLEY:  I choosed "ADORABLE" as MY word.  I like the "A+DORABLE" part cuz TBT says an "A+" is even BETTER than an "A".  And I have it all!  From my dreamy face with the cute nose-smudge to my stretchy-rolly floor dance to my sweet little chirp-meow...