Saturday, March 19, 2011

Up High

AYLA: I've mentioned a few times recently how much I like high places, and some kitties have asked about my highest indoor places and whether I can get up on doors.  So I went back in the photos fer my best examples.

One of the things I like best is ladders!  This is the tallest one in the house.
I like bein up on this door alot.  Iza cant even get on the shoe rack next ta it, never mind the door itself.  Im a little worried about Marley though.  He is pretty fearless climbin up the cat tree and I saw him on the middle shelf of the shoe rack the other day.  I hope he doesnt get much better at climbin!
 An speaking of the shoe rack, the top of it has become my favorite nappin place.  TBT put some heavy-duty cardboard in the space between the shoes.  I was gettin up there without it, but it IS easier now.  I jump straight ta the cardboard from the bed below.  
I WAS nappin directly on the shoes, but TBT added my bloo towel from the box on the floor.  Its MUCH more comfy now...