Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA AND IZA:   After havin a good breakfast an then crunchies fer our mid-mornin snack, we all had some rousing good THoE chases.  But we are tired and Marley is not!  So we decided ta lounge around with each other this afternoon! 

We hadda pick a spot where there is only room for two.
Marley would be welcome, but he is too squirmy when he is all werked up!
So we are makin sure the otto man is all used...
And, of course, washin is required after all that runnin around!
Marley can go lookin around fer a squirmin spot where he wont disturb us.  We are hopin TBT sits down somewhere that will attract Marley to him!
Have a chillaxin day evryone...