Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordy Wensday

Another Wordy Wensday Day ta enjoy...

1.  CHEEZ - The sound we hear just afore the *click* and FLASH!!!
2.  PINGSHWE - The art of organizin Table Tennis boards for best effect.
3.  ANTLYZ - False werds some bugs say to grasshoppers about how much food they have stored.
4.  BUSTO, the youngest brother of Popeye's enemies Brutus and Bluto.
5.  STSUPEN - The Patron Lady of Dinners.
6.  PREDCO - THE place to shop for your favorite little carnivore!
7.  THOSE - Lispy Kitty's name for the little things that stick out of her paws.
8.  COSAP - Your equally stupid gullible business partner.
9.  FORDISOR - The place where they build cars in Middle-Earth.