Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garden Thursday Tour

IZA:  Well, I got some nice things ta show ya all this week! 
But outside!  Follow me...

The crocuses on the lawn have about all gone away.  But the new ones TBT planted in the flower border are just blooming!  They are lovely.

He did a cool idea (I think, at least) and planted blue clumping fescue all along it.  An in between them, he put alternatin patches of solid purple and solid yellow crocuses.

And the crocuses are bloomin...

They are gonna multiply next year and bloom more at the same time.  That will be great!

There are also some tulips I wanna show off.  They were just free additions to an order he placed fer the crocuses, but they look nice.
Two patches of them...
They will only bloom for a couple years here, but nice while they last!

Meanwhile, I have something ta show out front.  Now, unnerstand I dont go out there much, but TBT is here with us for safety.

Ya may amember that TBT planted 100s of daffodils out there last Fall.  Early ones an late ones.  Well, the early ones are comin up!  They might bloom by next week.  The late ones are just breaking through now.  They will probly bloom in 4 weeks.  There are crocuses there now.  Or were; they are fading fast.
It looks differnt from up here on the steps, doesnt it?

The bricks are where new Hostas will go next month.  As the daffodils fade, the hostas will grow.  That whole area is filled with hostas of various leaf colors of blue, green, and cream.  Wont that be nice?

Ayla says she has a special buffet of canned toona, seafood medley, and Evo chicken on the deck, and we have POND WATER ta drink this week (there is reglar water available too) .  There is some fresh Nip in the Mews Room...

Marley says he is ready for THoE annytime.