Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  For Easy Like Sunday today, we wanna show ya all our (sorta) new collars.  Well we had them a few weeks, but TBT couldn't get good pictures til today.  So we are chillaxin with the new collar PICTURES!

Ya see, Iza an me had nice solid color collars before, with buckles.  But Marley showed up wif a fancy chocolate-color break-away one and we was feelin "PLAIN".  Not that its HIS fault.
So we kinna agitated TBT fer fancy ones fer ourselfs.  Ya may have noticed them afore, but we wanna show them off now.

Izas is a lovey hearts type.  The red fits her.  Im not so sure about the hearts.  Well mebbe.  Shes more laid back than SOME BEINS (like TBT) think.
I has this pretty bloo collar.  It just has ta be bloo or purple cuz Im a certified Princess.  I loses them buckle kind a lot an these new ones stay on better.  This one has waves and seashells on it.  Like in "Ayla shoves seashells at sailors when she sees seashells at the shellshore."