Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Hey there,  welcome to tadays Garden Tour!  Lets go out an see what we have...
I have lots to show.  Some of the things I showed LAST week have gotten WAY better. 

These crocuses, fer ezample...  The alternatin purple and yellow colors are at their peak, dontya think?

And see THESE with the tulips.  They are very good right now.  Well, they could have been open more, but ya know these diva flower types...

This is a real beuty.  All pale yellow like tastey butter in the warm sun and OH, sorry,!  Ahem...
Here is a whole clump of them.  
Some need dividin.  I'll have ta get at TBT about that.  We got one clump what has eleventy hundred shoots an only 4 flowers.  That aint right!

I like this.  2 color hyacinths and some daffs.  They were planted that way by accident, but they LOOK nicel. 
I like the hyacinths in the woods.  They aren't bein as upright as usual, but they are doin their best so lets give them a round of tapped paws!  Smell them too.  Arent they great?
Well, that's about it fer today.  Rumor says we will have Astilbes, Coreopsis, an Oriental Lillies startin ta show next week, an we MAY get a peek at the seed startin shelf with little-bitty veggies and annual flowers growin!