Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  Pictures of ME!  On Toesie Tuesday.  Enjoy...

THE BIG THING:  On a separate note, we had been havin the "slows" on our Mac.  To the point where (very suddenly) for the last few days, we could hardly visit our friends.  We solved it.  So if you have a Mac and you start seeing the spinning color wheel while you wait and wait, I have a suggestion.

Go to apple.com and type "Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner" in the search box and download it.  Its free shareware from Apple and downloads quickly.  After it downloads, open it.  There is a window that offers "all".  Choose that, then "run".  It took 3 hours to process, but my speed is back to normal.  I'd give all the steps, but the instruction page was lost when the computer restarted and I can't find it again (It was a 3rd party website).