Thursday, April 07, 2011

Garden Thursday

IZA:  Oh, I am SO ecited!  I got lots of pretty plants to show you all this week.
Come along and see them!

The yellow crocuses are at their peak...
 And there are tulips by some.  I am sittin here fer "scale".
The grass by the rich garden soil is specially nommy.  Have some!  But barf outside please...
See the first honeybee of the year?  We have them cuz its an organic yard an they like that.   An hey, didja know that bees dont like forsithias?  Strange but true!
I like ta spend time on the garden bench.  Please join me.
This is the compost bin.  I like ta sniff at it.  Theres a groundhoggie what likes to crawl thru it.
 And I am inspectin it ta see if it is workin right.  That means it smells "earthy".  Yep, it is.
It IS fallin apart though.  TBT says it is 20 years old an needs rebuildin.
Here is the BEST part of the tour today!  The daffs are really in great color.  We gotta bunch of differnt ones.  I love this white one with the odd-color center.  I dont know the name of that color.
 The yellow an gold ones are nice.
And there are THESE with brighter centers... Or mebbe they are the same.  Im not sure.
I think we have a mutantated one here.  From the same bulb with bloo flowers, there is a little white one!  We dont know if we should call someone about that.
These pale daffs are nice, too.  Some got hurt by hail a couple days ago...
White ones show up good at dusk...
There are some hyacinths still hangin on.  There were 50 here 2 years ago (when I first arrived here), but there are only 8 now.  They dont do well here.
This is the promise of Summer.  Here is a container of Coreopsis Golden Gain just emergin!
And here are some oriental lilies comin up.  TBT is confoosed about them.  They have been individual plants several paws apart, but came up this year in a mass like a herd of lemmings!  He says he better spill them all out on a tarp and separate them.  He better be careful about that cuz the little plant at the top is one of our catmints!
Well, this has been about the longest garden tour I ever did, so you all must be tired and hungry.  Ayla says she got stinky Evo DUCK in bowls around the livin room an Nip cocktails fer the grownup cats (and chickie-water fer the kits - like Marley).  So c'mon in and enjoy!