Wednesday, April 13, 2011

House Trashin

We decided our werk around the house was more "Trashin" than "Shabby Chic", so we are postin examples of that today!

This is some of Ayla's personal werk.  She sprays when in heat.  She says dark fabrics are best to show off the bleaching effect.
Her favrit spot is the drapes next ta the deck door.  Thats the closest she can get ta getting outside.
We have all contributed to the easy chair!  We have each had a go at it the first few months after we arrived (until we learned about the scratch pads and sisal rope posts).  
Since it is over 30 years old and TBT only kept it around as a kitty target (and he doesnt foresee anny new kitties), this chair will probly disappear soon.
As ya can see, it has been werked over on all sides...
We all make sure ta keep the floor well covered with bits of cardboard from the scratcher.
Some of the carpet on the newer cat tree is been pulled loose already.  Iza can be credited with that.  She has a special way of jumping from it that pulls it loose!
Here is more normal destructive werk by Ayla.  When she was new, she especially loved to sharpen her claws on the corners of the waterbed frame.  She did some good werk on the liner, too.
Though Marley is in this picture, Iza can claim credit fer the damage.  She flips this doormat over and bunny-kicks it viciously.  The yarn gets pulled out through the back somehow.  
More early Ayla werk.  Flies would get between the beige sheers an the window.  Swatting at the flies, a small tear slowly got larger.  Needless ta say, they now stay stuffed out of sight behind the drapes.  In fact, TBT fergot they were even there until we started thinkin about "Trashin" efforts.  They too will be gone soon.
Marley has been adding some effort.  These fabric outer shower curtains TBT hung up last month ta make some storage space in the new MewsRoom are already show thread-pulls and snags!  He has less ta show than Ayla and Iza cuz most of his energy is directed at them rather than furniture.

So we have all done our best!  In fact, when TBT was considerin a new blog name after Skeeter and LC went over the Bridge, one of the top choices was "Destructo Cat Headquarters"!