Friday, April 15, 2011

Windowsill Whiffies

We got the winders opened today.  It was nice.

We enjoyed it.  Ayla was bein fussy again an wouldnt join us.  She missed out on some good whifs cuz this is the front window an we dont get ta go out there.  Well, actally, Marley aint never been out at all, so he REALLY enjoyed it.
He was so ecited he kept hopping down and hopping back up.  
 I watched TBT at the puter from a whole new POV.
 But Marley was really attached to the winder screen.
He asked me if that was a way out.  I was sad ta tell him it wasnt  I mean, ya can claw little holes innit, but it wont come loose.  An I warned him that iffen he claws little holes innit, TBT just leaves it shut.  Marley said he wouldnt do holes, so I left him ta sniff.
Cuz I can go out on the deck...