Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday


Welcome friends!  Im callin todays garden visit the "Tulip Tour".   There are a few other blooms ta see, but mostly tulips this time.  As ya can see, the early daffodils are starting ta fade!

These are the ones that seem happiest (they keep coming back).
They have neat black centers if ya can stretch up high enough to look down on them.  TBT is available fer lifting...
These next few are the last survivors of patches of 7 bulbs planted just a few years ago.
We dont know how this yellow one sneaked in.  TBT doesnt buy plain yellow tulips cuz yellow daffodils do so well here.
The multi-colored ones are another matter.  We love "painted" tulips.  But this one has been left all alone...
 Another "last one".  But its still pretty!
As long as we are passing by, this Viburnam is blooming.  Smells good, too!
These yellow-orange ones are nice.  We wernt sure they would show up again this year cuz TBT built a box and added dirt.  But they managed...
 Even the unopened ones are pretty.  That stuff growing behind them is called "Snow On The Mountain".  They grow about cat-high and spread out ta cover the ground.  The cream and green leafs are pretty in early Summer, but they turn brown in August.  They came from NH, you see, so they dont like our heat.  But these are in a new shadier spot, so mebbe they will stay happy.  There are 2 really big hostas just coming up in there, but it will be a month before theyre worth noticin.
As a special treat this week, we have Fromm Duck and Chicken Pate, "Goodlife Recipe Catnip Delights" crunchies, and Nip water inside (so Ayla and Marley can say hello).