Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Garden Tour

IZA:  Well, Im sorry ta say we cant do an on-site Garden Tour today.  The grass is 10" high cuz the grass-chopper is bein repaired.  Walking through tall grass is cool, but it rained all morning, so that grass is SOAKING wet.  I guarantee IM not goin out there...

But we did take a few pictures the past couple of days, so we can at least show ya stuff ya WOULD have seen iffen we could do the real garden tour today.  This is sorta a "nature tour".

This is the old fallin-apart compost bin.  I think there is a groundhog livin unner it.
Here is an asparagus spear.  As ya can see, TBT dint get around ta weedin before they started comin up and now he doesnt wanna dig around there.  That would harm new spears.  I told him and told him, but he always had "something else" ta do.
Here are some escaped perennials in the lawn.  They are called Salvia Purple Knockout.  A place sells them as flowers, but apparently they are really just weeds!
This is a buncha ants.  I think they are havin a convention.  Mebbe like to elect a new Queen or somethin.
Here is one of my favrit things.  A MOUSIE HOLE!  About once a week one comes out to play with me.  They dont last as long as the ones in the house, but they taste better.
There are birdies in the trees.  They almost never come down ta play with me...
I am told we will have better weather fer next week, so I'll hope ta see ya all fer real then.