Saturday, May 07, 2011

Caturday Saturday

Breakfast Time NOW!

We all agree here that it is the wrong time for TBT ta be sleepin.  We say 7 am is LATE; he says it is too early  ta be up.  We usally let him be, but we all felt we dint get enough food late last night.  An since we are unanimouse about it, we MUST be right.

He is notoriously (infamously?) hard to get up in the morning, but we were insistent this time.
He actally got up an fed us.  But he gets cranky sometimes.  You know what he did?  Can ya guess?

He took a handful of crunchies and dropped them onto the kitchen floor where they scattered like ants!  An he went back ta bed.  We went nuts chasin them all over the floor.

We got back at him for that.  We left 5 on the floor.  When he came padding out barefoot 2 hours later to heat water for his awful green tea, he assumed we ate them all.  An when he stepped on them, he jumped an said bad werds!  TWICE!  An WE were innocently asleep on the bed again.  "Sorry, we just didnt find those..."  Heh-heh-heh...