Sunday, May 08, 2011

Easy Like Sunday, and Lots More

THE BIG THING:  Not all their Sundays are just sleepin.  The cats  play too.  So here are some pictures of them playing in the Mewsroom.

They hang around together more than you might think.  Partly, wherever I go, they tend to collect.  If I stay in a room more than a few minutes at least 2 and usually all 3 are in there   But they go off on their own sometimes when they start playing THoE or KotH.  So on this occasion, I stuck my camera over the edge of the door when I heard them playing together in the Mewsroom.

I caught them all in the same shot.  That's pretty rare when they aren't napping.  They actually LIKED these pictures because they don't often get a chance to see themselves like this.  They are using all the stuff in the room.  Ayla had been pushing the TurboTrak ball.  Iza was about to walk into the foam house to try to arrange an ambush.  Marley was in the cube tent.
When Iza gave up on that idea, she left to use the Emoryboard Scratch Pad.  And I have to say, despite my initial skepticism, they all do really like scratchin on it.  I wouldn't have bought one from the TV ads but a pair came along with Marley.  Ayla and Iza love the scratch pad, Marley mostly wants the feather toy but does scratch sometimes.

But here you see Iza out of the foam house.  Marley crept in an waited silently.  He rushed Iza while she was scratching and she ran.
That EmoryBoard (TM) does not dull their claws, it sharpens them to hypodermic needles.  I MAY have to start clippy-claws.  I am not allergic to cats generally, but claw pricks end up like mosquito bites.  Ayla likes treading on me at night, and Iza likes the "reach out and touch" method of getting my attention.  With claws barely extended.  On my face.  I THINK that is only because it happens naturally as she extends her arms, but she and I will have to discuss that.

Meanwhile, Marley was sniffing the area where Iza was standing for some clue to her mood.  Iza is pretty much Queen of the house, but Marley is going to be King in a couple of years. 
Then Ayla wandered by innocently to check out the feathery wand (it is supposed to stick in the side on the scratch pad, but comes loose WAY too easily.  I am considering using some sticky stuff to help keep it in place longer.  Marley gets it loose in 5 seconds.
Marley tried to pounce Ayla through the tent cube (which tends to get moved around all over the room), but she is far too experienced for that to work.  She was out of the room before Marley even got through the cube!
With Ayla out of the room, Marley and Iza are sizing each other up for a good wrasslin match.  Neither is in a good position for a pounce, so it is a waiting game.
(Side note seeing the TurboTrak.  Iza and Marley can get the ball over the hump easily.  Ayla watches but has not figured it out yet.  She moves the ball (and all things) with great delicateness - truly a Princess).  Marley and Iza are puzzle-solvers.  More about that soon.

They are pretty evenly matched.  Marley is younger and 9 pounds; Iza is older and 12 pounds.  But Marley is quick and (quite frankly) Iza is not agile.  She is almost as wide as she is long (minus tail).  Just look at that picture above!  There is a reason Iza doesn't jump up on places higher that 2'.
Statistics/habits:  Marley has gone from 6 pounds to 9 pounds in the 3 months he has been here, and he plays with strength.  Iza has stayed at 12-12.5 pounds for a year, and she depends on weight.  Ayla has been 5.5-6 pounds for 3 years, and she depends on agility, lightning-fast reflexes (even for a cat), and being able to escape up high.  Ayla whapped Marley once so fast (I could hardly see it), who was trying to steal a kibble, and she didn't even LOOK at him while doing it and continued to eat!

Favorite toys:  Marley loves crumpled paper balls and feather wand toys.  Iza loves rattley mousies.  Ayla loves a weird wand toy I made with a piece of fabric at the end to be a moth (?) up in the air.

All sometimes love Nip and sometimes pay no attention to it.

Interesting blend of talents...

Typical Easy Sunday and every other day.  LOL!