Monday, May 09, 2011

It's Marley Week! Part 1

THE BIG THING:  In honor of Marley's 100th day here (actually it is 109, but he and the weather weren't cooperating last week - I'll explain later), and A BIG EVENT, I  hereby declare it to be MARLEY WEEK  here.  Don't applaud yet, you don't know WHY it is MARLEY WEEK.  For THAT, I turn it over to Marley himself...

MARLEY:  (AHEM, coff, coff)...  I WAS ALLOWED OUTSIDE today for the first time!  But let me start at the beginning.  It started when TBT brought home what I thought was an awful new collar.  It wrapped around my whole body.  I fought and fought, and he gave up.  He tried it again a couple days later, but I fought it off again.  Then, today, he succeeded.  I hated it!  And it even hadda ROPE attached!

But... But... But... then he carried me OUTSIDE!  I was stunned!  I mean, I had SMELT the outdoors before through the window and door screens, but I was IN it...
As he held me there ("OUT THERE" oh thank Bast that was so wunnerful), he esplained that I hadda be a good boy and not twist out of the "harness" thing an unnerstand he was actally "holding" me from afar.  I had NO idea what he meant, but getting OUT was good enough fer me!

As soon as he set me on the deck, I tried ta RUN.  ACK!  I AM attached ta him in some way!  Am I a wand toy?  Well, I twisted and squirmed, but I couldnt get loose.  TBT said I could fight and go back inside or accept it an stay out.  I thought fast an accepted it.  Forgive me...

So here I go...  I was set down on the grass.  GRASS!  Real live GRASS!  I dared not move for a while.  It was just too SPECIAL ta lay on the stuff.
But I got up.  Other wonders awaited...  Like Stones.  An dead plant stuff.  It smelled!  I mean like GOOD smells.
I was practically beside myself.  Note that the rope attachin me ta TBT is usally loose...
Iza was out too, with encouragin werds.  She said she was all nervous and wobbly HER first time outside too.  That helped a lot.  It is good ta have a friend along when learning new scary ecitin things! 
On the other paw, I noticed SHE wasnt onna rope!  She said that is just temporary and the sooner I am "good" outside, the sooner the rope goes away.  An the harness.  Good advice, I will be BESTEST good to get that thing off.
There is a HUGE snake-thing out here.  TBT says it is a "hose" and only moves water around.  Bast, I feel dumb.  So many new things ta learn...
AHA!  I recognize the noise from this thing!  It makes the house warmer or colder.  Mebbe Im NOT so dumb.   Iza clapped her paws for my insite!  An BTW, these flat rocks are nice and warm.  Iffen I wasnt so ecited, I would nap on it.
Mebbe I will.  Just checkin it out though.
There are plants EVRYWHERE out here!  Its weird.  No, srsly, they are ALL OVER!  Evryplace that isnt rock is PLANTS!
 LOOK at all these plants.  And most dont smell good fer eatin.  I can tell.  Only chew GRASS!
Wow, it is SO MUCH FUN walkin through tall stuff plants.  I have the oddest feelin I BELONG in this stuff.  There are INSECTS in this stuff.  Iza told me there are moths sometimes.  Iza an TBT are snickering a bit.  Somethin about mouseholes.  But I am busy with plants right now.
AW, I got picked up an brought inside again!  TBT said an hour was enough fer a first time OUT.  I was p****d.  I even squirmed a bit.  But Iza also said it was time ta go IN, so I stopped fussing.

We got special treats.  Real treats, not just the Eukanuba kibble in the puzzle egg.  Real smelly soft treats.  We hardly ever get those!

Life is good...