Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Marley Week, Part 2

MARLEY:  OMC!  I was allowed out again with the harness today!  Apparently, I passed a test. Iza says the test is "not tryin ta jump the fence".  OK, I have no innerest in that.  Heck, I can't jump a table!

I went right over ta Skeeter's marker.  Iza said he would probly like that.  I never met Skeeter, but TBT says we are a lot alike, so that seems good.
I found the pond Iza mentions.  It looks a lot cleaner than she described it.  [TBT:  I cleaned it]
 So I wandered over a bit.
 An sniffed the water.  Iza says it is OK ta drink.
I dunno.  It smells good.  But it isnt the place I usally drink water.  Mine moves.
But still...
I looked around fer safety.  Iza sometimes pounces, and I heard a kitty yell outside.
 But I took a few laps.  OH BAST THATS GOOD STUFF!  You wont BELEEF it but it has FLAVOR!
 After lapping it up fer minutes, I was full.  Time ta esplore again.  What wonders await?
I kept goin back ta the warm flat stones.  I GOTTA nap on them.
But not yet.  There is grass ta be nommed and I think I dont get ta stay out too long.  Even Iza doesnt.  Better make the best use of my time...  Nom, nom, nom...
 This is a door.  I can tell.  I think all the other kitties I know live out there.  Id love to go visit them.  Iza said I better not try though.  She says there are bad things out there too.   So I wont.  But I'll look...
More grass.  Good rough stuff.  I feel an odd need to chew them.
Nom, nom, nom, nom...
Now I wanna go in, but TBT says I should wait and barf outside.  Barf outside?  What a neat idea!

I did.  Then we went inside.  More treats!