Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Marley Week, Part 3

MARLEY:  You WONT bellef this!  The deck door opened.  An instead of being told "Back, Back", I was invited outside.  No REALLY, the door was open an he called to me from outside!

I dint have the evil harness on...  An apparently, he knew it, cuz he was motioned with his hands ta come toward him.  Ya know, that flappy hand thing where he curls his paws toward himself.  So I cautiously walked out. 

I stepped out FREE!  I hadda look inside to be sure it was real.  OH BAST SWEET QUEEN OF ALL CATS, I thank you for this.  Oh, and, um, TBT.
Strange, I can see me in the door...  Is that the YOUNG "INSIDE" ME?  Yes, I think so.
Iza joined me again.  We have our disagreements, but she is really being good to me about this OUTSIDE stuff.  And she really is a good friend ta me!  She had to come out fast and TBT closed the door.  Cuz Ayla cant come out.  She goes over the fence.  So I wont do THAT.
I made sudden moves on the deck ta make sure there was no rope on me.  Nope!  Ah, freedom...
Iza told me ta sniff all my steps so I could find my way back.  Wow, she really knows stuff.   So when she said ta also remember TBT's voice is "home", I really put that to my mind.  She said, "Ya cant get lost in the yard if ya go ta TBT's voice cuz thats where he is or the door is! 

I sniffed the steps, so I knew where they were. I know TBT's voice, of course.
 An Iza is sticking close to me.  Thats a comfort.  An TBT is nearby.
I walked off the deck all by myself fer the first time!  Yeah, my little heart was beatin faster than usual.  But thats what adventure is, right?
I got myself down to the grass.  But I was reluctant ta walk on it all alone.It may seem strange, but walkin on it free is differnt from kinna being pulled (encouraged) onto it with the rope.
I DID though.  Iza was up on the deck callin encouragments ta me.  She was stayin there, but watchin me, so I stepped out... I made sure they were BOTH watchin me.

Oh Bast, that grass is good ta walk on by myself!  But Im startin slow on the ones that grow through the flat rocks.  Dont want ta do too much at first.
I went back to the step fer some chewy-grass.  Then I got a bit nervous.  TBT walked away.  Iza was up on the deck.  I havent been THAT far from them like about EVER!  I nibbled some grass hopin TBT thing would come near an make me wait outside again with him. 

[TBT:  I was watchin him a lot closer than he realized]

[Iza:  So was I]

[We waited til he barfed - rook 15 minutes]  That was enough fer my first day out on my own!  I wanted ta get back inside for treats...

But TBT, Iza, an I ended up sittin on the deck together.  He said, in celebration of your first time out free, some treats...  An he pulled some out of his pocket!!!  Iza got some too.  TBT keeps all kinna stuffs in his pockets.  He even pulled out my favrit pingpong ball!  But I wanned ta get inside.

Then we all went inside together.  (And Ayla got some treats).  Have to be fair.

Wow, what a great day!