Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  Yeah, its ME doing the Garden Tour!!!

Iza an TBT talked about it, an since I can go OUT now, I am now the Junior Assistant Gardener!  So I can do the Garden Tour this week!!!

I hardly know where ta start.  Forgive my inexperience, I've never seen most of this stuff myself till a couple days ago, but Iza has been teachin me fast.  But I think we got great stuff ta show.

This is the Spring Flowering Almond Shrub.  It has bootiful flowers but the leafs look innerestin too.
This is the Spring Flowerin Almond in full size over LC's marker.  I like to think she deserves such a pretty flowers over her.
These things are called Columbines.  They are neat to bloom early like this. Iza says I should pass along that they are actally 3 differnt kinds, and the survivors are all mixed together from over many years.
These are the EVIL WEEDS!  They are invasive vines.  I would eat them, but TBT says he doesnt know enough about them and I should ONLY eat reglar grass.  Well, OK.  
And here is were they come from.  The evil neighbor's back yard.  We are not allowed out there.  When they get too much, he just mows them.  But they keep creepin through our fence where TBT cant mow easily.

The flowers ARE pretty though.
This is one of the clematis.  It lives behind the turnable compost bin.  Apparently, it likes the soil shady but the flowers in sunpuddles.  I agree with that!
This is another clematis.  They are REALLY pink!
Here is a container of pansies.  I like those cuz they are so cheery-lookin.  Of course, I only saw them the first time a few days ago.  But I think they are one of my favrits. I think they are smilin at me.
Here are two containers together.  They actally live at opposite corners of the deck, but Iza shoved them together for me so we could see them together.  Shes STRONG!
Now, I apologize cuz Ayla is havin a hissy fit about her being the only one of us not allowed outside.  So she is not providin treats and drinks this week.  Iza isnt at her best at hostess stuff, but we have Chicken kibble and pond water available.  We will try ta do better about that next week.  I watch Ayla make stuff, an I think I can make some snacks too!