Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Marley Week, Part 4

MARLEY:  Me again!  I was allowed out AGAIN today!!!  I can hardly beleef this.  It is so wunnerful!

I am learnin ta watch Iza closely outside.  Like here, where she shows me she knows where the only good sunpuddle is in the the shady yard.  She's a professional!
And here we are talkin about grass.  She says the best stuff is around the edges of the yard cuz it doesnt get mowed as well.  Wow, who knew?
Oh Bast, this is embarrassing!  I dint know that picture was tooken.  *Sigh*  Well, ya see there WAS a Nip plant in there.  But with Iza an I both crawlin in there after it, TBT pulled it up ta save the oriental lilies.  Dont worry, he is rootin cuttings from it to make more plants in places we can chomp without hurtin his own favrit plants.
But I am still goin in there ta make sure there are no leafs left.
Iza is checkin ta see iffen I find anny.   I dint.
I am checkin here ta make sure none of those invasive plants [TBT:  Lysimachia 'Firecracker'] are outside the edging.  I can smell stuff like that really good.  It seems OK.
But they spread, so I am checkin further out, too.  Only cuz TBT asked me to.  His nose isnt as good as mine.
Now Im free ta wander around.  Im learnin SO MUCH about plants!  The only ones I saw indoors was Spider plants and some spikey thing called sandserver, um sanserery, um drat!   Huh?  Oh, thanks, Iza.  She says it is called snake plant.
I am checkin out the plants fer bugs.  They seem pretty clean here.  
OH!  I feel a sudden desire ta pee outside!  Never done that before.  But I will spare ya the picture.
Actally, I had ta BUY that picture from TBT...  I shoved a treat kibble his way, an he put it back in the container.  Then he deleted the picture.  He drives a hard bargain sometimes...

But it is SO GREAT ta get outside almos evry day.  Iza says there are SOME days where TBT does stuff outside an we cant go out.  Like spreadin lime on the grass or killin those awful poison ivy plants.  But most days we are are now BOTH allowed out. I can hardly get used to this.