Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Marley Week, Part 5

THE BIG THING:  I have to say that, once out, Marley is desperate to get out all the time.  He rushes the deck door every time I am near it.  He is disliking "The Foot" that keeps him IN (I tap the floor towards them with my shoe as a signal they can't go out).  And today was a whiffie window day.  I had the deck door screen closed, but the glass door open.

Marley considered that a challenge...

He got between the door and the screen.  LOL!
He first had to walk backwards to get out.  It was too tight for him to turn around.  That REALLY rubbed his fur the wrong way...
But he went back in.
And mastered the trick!
That didn't stop him from trying a third time.  
He actually got rather good at turning around in a space that was narrower than his furs were!
Iza is asking him "what do ya think ya are doin".?
That boycat really wants to get outside.