Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Marley Week, Part 6

MARLEY:  Well, I got out again.  I wasnt sure of it after the screen episode, but TBT seems more amused than annoyed.

Iza is still stayin close ta me.  She says I might do somethin stupid through inexperience.  I could be annoyed by that, but she is correct.  I ask her a lot of questions.  Like, is this a good bug to eat?  Sometimes, she says yes.  Sometimes she says no that is a bee an it will sting you.  So Im learnin.

Here I am learnin about wood.  Like tree-stuff.  Iza says Ayla is better with it than she is.  Ayla can climb.  Neither of us can.  So we dont mess with trees much.
I DO like rocks.  There is neat stuff hidden around them.  I got TWO bugs!
Action shot of "two ships passing in the night".  Only its us cats and it is daylight .  So mebbe that dint make much sense.  But we were passing each other.
MOL!  I scared IZA!  She was watchin a birdie an I ran past her.  Made her flinch.  She got mad though.  Apparently, iffen ya are watchin a birdie outside when ya might get it, ya DO NOT innerupt.  My bad.  I'm just so ecited bein outside still.
Wait, what?  I could CATCH a birdie?  I better listen to what Iza says more carefully.  SHE has caught a birdie an I would LOVE to...

But mousies seems more likely.  Here I am diggin into a mousie hole.  Iza said she was SO embarrassed!  [TBT:  That is a hole I dug to make the ladder I use to fill the birdfeeder level.  Poor Marley doesn't know the actual vole hole is just to the right]
OK, so Im not a great mousie-hunter yet!  I'll go find some more bugs!   Or birds!  Here I am stalkin a Robin.    Iza says they are easy ta catch!  [Iza: snickerin]
Bast, I couldnt even get CLOSE!  Iza says there is "teckneek" involved.  I better learn that stuff.  I'll ask TBT ta look up "teckneek" on the innerwebs  for me.
But Im still gonna follow that Robin around ta see if it sits still fer a while...
It is SO great ta be outside...