Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Marley Week, Part 7

MARLEY:  Wow, its been a great week!  But I am learnin it is also great ta stay up on the deck with TBT.  Odd.  The yard is innerstin, but I like ta be near him.  He stayed up on the deck today cookin stuff in the outdoor hot box.

I LIKED the smells!

It is WARM here!
An its relaxin just sittin around smellin the air, hearing the birdies,...
I did go out to dig out that mousie hole.  I tore it up fierce, but dint get one.  [TBT:  He is still digging in that ladder-leveling hole I dug.]

[IZA:  The way he digs, he could be part badger]
Just look at me go!  Im gonna dig up those mousies yet!
But time ta rest.  I'll just watch fer a while.
 And watch...
 Maybe there are some over here.
Wow, that is a LONG way down...
Actally, this seems a long way down too.  IZA!  How do I get off this high place?  Help!
OK, so I walk along this rail...
And TBT picks me up!  Oh thank Bast...  Um, can I go inside now.  And have some treats?