Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  OK, Marley had his big dedicated week (extended courtesy of the Blogger crash) but its over.  Its MY turn again!
As you can see, we are in a transition time this week.  The Spring flowers are gone, the Summer flowers are just gettin started, and the veggies are just beginning their season.

Here, in the far back what is all overgrown with tree saplings and big weeds (hint to TBT), we have a Weigela 'Carnaval'.  Its neat cuz it has white, pink, and red flowers all over it.  It is just startin ta bloom.  Wait til ya see it NEXT week!
Next to it are 3 Weigela "Red Prince'.  It will be bloomin better soon too.
The Clematis 'Arctic Queen' has a first bloom...
The Clematis here behind the compost barrel really blooms a lot!  And its been bloomin like this a couple weeks.  The ground is always shaded and the clematis plants sure like THAT!
The Trollius are startin too.   They get more goldish later.
We dont remember the name of this one.  The label is long gone and this is the last survivor of 6 plants.  Pity, cuz it gets COVERED with pretty yellow flowers.

Marley has put out his first host buffet, and I have to say, it is a good one.  He has brought out FIVE kinds of treats, milk, toona juice, AND Fromm Chicken/Turkey Pate.

Marley, "well done".  I will even partake of that...  Join me in a great after-tour snack up on the deck.  Nom, Nom, Nom!

Oh, TBT says you can see about the veggie garden HERE.