Monday, May 23, 2011


AYLA:  Marley an I were wrasslin yesserday.  He is getting bigger an stronger, so it is harder an harder to win.  As ya can see by the identical holds, he has learned many of my techneeks!
But I managed ta get him on his back with his paws raised in surrender.
He cheated a bit by whappin me after I let him up.  So I had ta chase inna nother room and make him surrender again!
See?  I cornered him onna windersill with his head lowered!  That'll teach him not ta surrender, whap, and run...

BTW:  Weights:
Iza: 12 pounds, same as for about a year.
Me:  6 pounds, up 0.5 since last month.
Marley:  9 pounds; he has gained almost a pound a month since he got here!  I hope he stops gettin bigger soon.  TBT says he wont.