Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bookshelf Explorin

AYLA:  I love gettin up in the bookshelfs!  One shelf has fishies onit.  They are "siamese fighting fish" so they get there own places ta swim.  They dont look very "fighty" ta ME!  But iffen TBT takes away the cardboard between them, they get all big and they display at each other.  Which IS kinna cat-like, so I like them.
Thats why I like ta get up here sometimes an watch them.  They ARE kinna fearless.  They come right up ta me an stare.  The fishies in the BIG tank all swim far away from me.
But also, I just like ta slink aroun in tight places up high where Iza an Marley cant get to!

Oh, BTW, see all those DVDs on the shelf below?  TBT loves ta watch science stuff.  Can ya find the one what ISNT sciency?