Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eating Ungracefully

Some days, we fail the "graceful test". 


I'm Loved

MARLEY:  Iza is my best friend!  For Easy ike Sunday, she licked me all over my head...
 She is so nice to me.
As good as a Sunday gets...


10 minutes ago...

Hey guys, wake up!  Look!
 What, some moth on the door?
WOW!  That's BIG!
What WAS it?  It wasn't a possum.

Or a skunkie!
TBT:  That was a raccoon, guys...  An ya don't wanna mess with them.  That's why ya stay inside at night!

Iza:  Um, Ayla stayed outside a few nights ago... 

TBT:  Yeah, and she was lucky.  That thing would have ATE HER!   There MIGHT just have been fur left on the ground!  HERS!

All:  UTB!!!