Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oops, Not So Easy Like Sunday!

AYLA:  Wow, we sure went all dumass on our posts yesserday!  We did several neat post-worthy things the night before, and wanned to put them on separate days so we could jus chillax over the holiday weekend, but we forgot the "schedule" part of the process.

MOL @ ourselfs!

"WHAT WAS THAT" was indeed for Saturday. 

"I'm Loved" was sposed to be "Easy Like Sunday", ON Sunday, as Sparkle correctly observed.

"Eating Ungracefully" was sposed ta be fer Memorial Day cuz we know Beins start the eating season of outdoor cooking then an we had eatin photos from Friday. 

It is all TBT's fault, partly!  Iffen he had been watchin us as we posted like he is SPOSED ta do instead of trying the get his sheets through the laundry cycle all late and stuff so he could go to bed, this wouldnt have happen. 

But its Iza's fault mostly.  She insisted that "Iffen we wanna publish the posts, we gotta hit "Publish Post", DUH?"  I was sure there was somethin else, but couldnt amember what.  An Marley isnt esperienced at this stuff.  When we got up in the mornin, I thought, "Hey, we dint tittle the Sunday post right an went ta change it.  Thats when we saw they were all posted. 

Marley an I both gave Iza our lazer beams eyes right away and then called TBT over ta fix it.  He looked at all the comments and decided we should jus leave them be. 

We are makin her wear the "dumb collar" all day today!

[IZA:  Oh, please, dont look at me wearin this]
And we are glad ta say she seems properly embarased about it!  That will be shame enouf...

We now go back ta bizness as usual.