Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Werdy Wensday

Another day of Werd Verification werds:

1.  Phurh - That stuff that covers us!
2.  Notants - Not born mutants like those X-Men.
3.  Jabrat - a mean thing to do in a lab.
4.  Bundatio - A enclosed outside space for bunnies.
5.  Phord - A car.  Maybe an original car.
6.  Bigho - A large... gardening tool!
7.  Regaffe - to make a mistake a 2nd time!
8.  Hedliblri - the top librarian.
9.  Goodau.  Gold!  Good gold!

Oh, the photo...  I was chillaxin unner the deck this affernoon!   The ground is real cool there an it was HOT outside today.