Thursday, June 02, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

Hi all - Thanks fer comin by!  We are havin a foliage tour today.  The hostas in the back yard are first.  Step over her ta see them.

This is a fancy one.  It has lovely colors.  Its called "Paul's Glory".   It is REALLY big this year.  It sure liked the steady May rains we got.
 This one is called "June".  Last year it was bigger,  The hostas change size from year ta year,
 Here we have Krossa Regal and Big Daddy.  Big Daddy dint do too well last year, so it is smaller.
More Big Daddy and Krossa Regal.
 A Japanese Painted Fern.  We really love these!
 See the broader view over here.  Ya ca get a sense of the whole hosta garden.

And over here, we have the Left landscaping box.  It wasnt worth showin before.  But the "Snow-On-The-Mountain has spread wunnerfully!  Look at it now!  If you live north of Maryland, it is a great groundcover in shady spots.  Here, it gets a bit brown in August.  But it survives.  The hostas will get bigger and be the stars in a month.  TBT picked large hostas to stand above the SOTM from June on.

The Snow-On-The-Mountain is native to New England we think, but it survives here in deep shade. 
Even the brash hostas struggle to grow up through it.  
The flowers are small and fleeting.  
I grow it for the foliage...  And note how thickly it grows.  Last year, I placed 12 badly dug-up roots of it.  Now it is taking over!
 I'm not worried about the hostas.  Next year they will be twice the size.  they are just getting started.

Thanks for coming along on the garden tour.