Friday, June 03, 2011


IZA:  I was out in the yard recently, and heard some strange noises around the back of the toolshed.  I peered around the corner cautiously.

I completely POOFED!
Here is a close up.
There was a GROUNDHOG!!!  In a trap...
I crept closer...
An closer...
 An finally THIS close!  The groundhog was NOT happy.
TBT took the trap outside the fence and opened it, figuring the groundhog would run straight away from it.  HA-HA-HA!  It turned straight around and ran back along the fence, where it probly ducked through a small hole unner it.  TBT is gonna have to set up the GameSpy camera an see if it is unner the toolshed again.

Speakin of the GameSpy camera, we think we forgot to ever post the pictures it took back in April.  TBT is postin those over HERE.