Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot Days An Finally a Cool Night!

AYLA:  It sure has been hot here the past few weeks, my first days outside in nearly a year!

It was SO hot...  (how hot WAS it?)

It was SO HOT, I saw a starving woofie chasing a terrified bunny and they were BOTH WALKING!  (badda boom).

Not to make a joke, but the humidity was up there with the temperature.  Around here, we get "95 and 95".  Temp an humidity...  Thank Bast Im tan!  Thats about the best color for avoiding heat (an moquitoes).

OK, Ive been out lately and some kitties have been askin about that, since I was kept inside a year.  Its a plan between me an TBT.  I haven't had my 3rd lady garden operation (the specialty feline surgeon was busy last time).  But it got to the point where I became stealthy enough so I finally got outside (twice) a few weeks ago in spite of his best efforts.

He decided that the issue of keepin me in and lettin Iza an Marley out couldnt go on.  Iza an Marley have no desire to get out of the fence.  I do.  But I stay right near the fence.  So, he (very reluctantly) decided to let me out almost as much as I wanted in hopes I would get bored an uncomfortable in the heat of Summer.

I hate to say it, but it is working.  The first time I got out on my own this summer, I stayed out 3 nights.  Then I got out again and I stayed out 2 nights.  Twice.  Then he let me out (with Iza inside cuz she chases me) an I stayed out 1 night several times.  Now the past 3 times let out, I have come in the same day.    I'll admit it was a near thing today.  I was in the neighbor yard and seemed to want to come home, but I was just funnin with him.  Before the rain started, that is...  I sure came over the fence and running fer home when THAT started!

I will have ta see how I feel about comin in next few times.  TBT has warned me that nightime excursions scare him, but that it is ultimately up to me.  At some pont, I have ta decide what risks I want to take.  Iza an Marley go outside so nicely just on the deck or followin him around the yard, that he just cant deny them that enjoyment, so iffen I can escape in spite of his best efforts, he has to accept that.

Im thinking that outside daytime is good, an I'll accept that.  But I know how he thinks...  There is some plan ta keep me in the fence.  I think Im a step ahead of him usally, but I gotta worry.  He IS a BEIN after all, and pretty tricky.  An he has been drawing stuff on paper.