Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

THE BIG THING:  Before we start the tour today, I would like to direct the attention of Cats and Beings alike to an idea I have for keeping Ayla (and possibly Marley) in the yard.  I've posted it over HERE.  I need some critiques.  Now on to the weekly garden tour with Iza...

IZA:  Well, I am glad I am not concerned about the fence enclosure (I looked and laffed, Ayla hissed).  And to answer some questions about the birdie the other day...  1.  It was a goldfinch an TBT really likes them.  But he says dumb ones SHOULD be eaten for the betterment of their species.  And 2.  They have fledged their birdlings by this time of year here.  We dont know if they do it twice, but they have done it once.  But he feeds them and other pretty birds and observes that there are more of them around than there used to be.  His conclusion is that his birdieseed makes more birdies than we catch, so that seems a fair deal all around (except that he is buyin all the birdieseed). 

So, we got some nice flowers this week!  Please join me in the tour...

First, we have these naughty Knautias.  They are unruly floppy invasive plants and we are thinking of banishing them.  But while we makes up our mind there are some saved in a temporary spot and they bloomed.   They do look nice close up.  But they are sorta like large red dandelions...
Here, we got our first purple coneflowers.  They will be like little superflowery bushes in a few weeks!
 This is one of the rows of Stella D'Oro daylillies along one of the garden paths.  They are repeat bloomers, so TBT will be snipping the flower stalks after the first blooms fade.
This is a differnt spot of the same ones.  It is good for design to have some repetitions in the beds.
This is a regular lily in the back of the bed.  We dont think we put it there.  Mebbe a not-so-evil skwerrel dug one up elsewhere an did that.   We have some similar ones elsewhere but they arent bloomin yet.  They are in a shadier spot.
These are more lilies, but the fancy oriental kind.  We have them in 4 spots of different sunlight, so they bloom at different times.  See, that why I say TBT is "sneaky".  He even tricks plants...
This is one of our favrits!  The Stokes Asters.  The blue is a great color.  Yeah, they dont look all that blue here.  Blame the camera.  They aint electric bloo or annything, but they are sure blooer than this! 
 The bottom one shows the color better.  But it is included so you can look at a bumblybee up CLOSE without being stung.  Miss Bee is a professional bee model an has agreed to stay in position all day long in exchange for a bag of pollen we collected for her to bring home.
And she brought a friend to relieve her posing.  Clever girl!
Well, thats it for this week!  Marley has volunteered to provide the snacks for today.  I wait in horrible anticipation...

Ok, Marley, what ya got fer us?

MARLEY:  Pond Water, cream, Niptinis (by Ayla).  Soft an chewy treats.  The Roller Trak.

AN TWO THIS PAST 10 MINUTES NOT-YET-DEDDED MOUSIES by Ayla while ya werent lookin!!!

IZA:  Oh Bast...  GO FOR IT all visitors!  We will stand aside...  Play!