Monday, June 20, 2011

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  For Mancat Monday this week, I have pictures of me in the bag cabinet.  Thats the cabinet that goes deep in next to the hotbox so it is real awkward to get stuff in or out of it.  So light stuff like paper bags end up in there.  We all like ta get in there, but today its me.
 Iza can open the door enough ta get in herself, and Ayla can get in iffen she follows Iza real close.  I wait til TBT opens it for me.  Ya may notice that the top bags are all tore apart.  Thats Iza's werk, cuz she likes doing that an can get in so much more often.
TBT says he is gonna take out all the bags an put stuff he never uses in there ta free up some more convenient space pretty soon, so I figured I better show ya some pictures of me in there while it is still worth gettin in...