Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

Well, its got hot here lately, so some of the plants are just hanging on ta their flowers or waitin ta make new ones.  But we got some ta show...

These are the biggest daylillies we got, so they wait the longest ta bloom.  I expect they will be at their best fer next weeks tour, but it is fun ta see flowers all wrapped up sometimes.

Here are some of the smaller lillies still in bloom.  They aint quite done yet.  See the bud in the back not opened yet?
The stokesia are still bloomin nicely.  Thats over a week now.  They are one of my favrits!
See how pretty and lacy they look close up?  I like that in a flower!
The veronica are still bloomin too.  They last a while cuz they open the tiny flowers gradually from the bottom upwards.  It would be more impressive if they opened all at once, but then they wouldnt last as long, would they?  At least, this way, they stay in bloom fer several weeks!
An since we are goin up on the deck ta get snacks, take a look at the moon beam coeopsis.  Its in a container and there arent many left there, but they sure have a nice little flower.  Another container has more plants, but less sunlight, so it will bloom inna week or two.
Now lets see what Ayla and Marley have come up with as snacks.  Oh wow!  Ham an Chicken leftovers from her birfday party (frozen then thawed out today, TBT assures me).  Oh Bast, the stuff is warmed.  Nom away...  I think there are Niptinis and milk coming too.