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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Werdy Wensday

Ok, we collectin seventy eleven billion of them by now of them.  But here are 9 good ones...

1.  Reedisms - Smart/long/annoying explanations by Mr Fantastic.
2.  Decur - "The dog, the dog..."  By tatoo to the, um, bigger guy when the woofie came off the plane.
3.  Undel - Undo a "delete".  Something ya wish ya could do but can't.
4.  Pieduck - What ya use when ya are out of blackbirds.
5.  Squabs - Alternate pie birds
6.  Tourair - Fly inna plane.
7.  Taters - Not good pie fillings but great with lots of butter.
8.  Herize - A bad way to start out ANY sentance to yer wife/GF/SO.
9.  Retron - That evil transformer that sends you back to teenage years of acne an awkward  dates.