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Friday, July 01, 2011

Garden Tour Friday

IZA:  We are havin the Garden Tour taday cuz we were busy with International Box Day yesserday.  An we dint want ta wait another week cuz we got some good flowers right now!

This pretty little flower is dianthus.  The tiny flowers open white an gradually turn pink!  An the leaves look lacy an ferny, so the plant looks inneresting even when not in bloom.
Here we got 2 kinds of monarda (bee balm) .  The bees really DO love them.

 These are the yellow flowers from the lysimachia plant we had so much trouble with earlier.  They look nice with the purple leafs.
 One of our favrits is the astilbe.  They will keep sending up these feathery flowers fer weeks!
The purple coneflowers are starting ta bloom also.  They will keep bloomin all summer!
 Look care at the seedhead center.  See the neat spirals.  Plants are clever ta be so orderly.
Well, thats the tour fer this week.  Cmon up on the shady deck fer a bit.  We got moist treats in chicken, salmon, an tuna flavors, some dry crunchies chicken flavor, and there are some Nip leafs set around.  Niptinis too, of course!  Cream fer the kittens AND adults...

Thank you so much fer visitin!