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Tuesday, July 05, 2011



We love "dinnertime".  We get it 3 times a day.  And scatterred dry crunchies in between. 

 Iza took over MY bowl!
 We chow down hard.  Sometines we push each other away.  The hungriest gets the most food.
It is seldom me, but it does happen.
I got even later on the next feed an took over Iza's bowl.  It werks out...  It helps that I am gettin bigger.  I am about able ta handle Iza now an I'm not a year old yet.  Soon, I will be managing the place.  Kindly, of course.  I'm not a tyrant like Iza.  She is about ta get a real "come-uppin" soon.

Like yesserday...  She was doing her usual feet on the wall an pushing off to attack passerbys.  Well, I gave her a REAL surprise!  I grabbed her an bunny-kicked her til she ran off!!!

She is big but I am muscular! In spite of her 3 pound advantage,  her "big" is mostly fat.  I am taking over, starting today!  TBT says he noticed the change.

Fortunately, I am kind.  I don't LIKE to fight.  I just want evryone calm and friendly, ya know?  Ayla says I remind her of Skeeter.  Something about male orange cats, she says, that keeps a house in order.  I have a lot to live up to.  That's a good goal.  I want less HISSY-FUSSING in the house like I seen in the past 5 months.  Evryone should get along better...  An I intend ta make it so.