Friday, July 08, 2011

A Bit Freaky Friday

Well, Wow, We are sory there wasn't a Thursday Garden Tour yesserday!

Wouldda been a bit awkward, there IS that dead groundhog outside and we been stayin inside acause  of it.  Stinkey stinkey.  TBT was SPOSED ta go bury after it the first day, but it got nasty, an he dint.  So we are stayin inside fer a couple more days. 

HE went out an looked at it an decided it best ta just wait 2 more days for itta vaninish completely.  It happens fast in this hot weather.  Lots of flies though.

Its cuz TBT doesn't live a 24 hour day.  We dint know he was weerd about that until we read other kitty blogs where the Beins live reglar 24 hour days. 

WE dont care.  We get up whenever HE gets up, but we are crepuscular, too.  Dawn an sunset is OUR times.  If he is awake then, fine.  If not, we just run all over him in bed.  Hes got a 25 hour day habit an it cycles funny sometimes.  Sometimes he gets up in the mornin, eventually he sometimes he gets up late in the day.  Livin with a single retired Bein can be strange sometimes.  Sometimes we have Breakfast in the late day!  Yeah, its odd.  But we get all we want to eat, so we guess it is OK.

Like today.  He JUST got up now, an MOST Beins dont do that apparently.  But we got a great breakfast of Evo Chicken, an a hour of tossed mousies, so who cares?  An we will great more stinkey goodness 2 more times today.  And crunchies in between.  An we all spent a hour at the kitty tree gettin scricitches.  Thats allus good!  An he is tossin mousies all OVER the place fer us.

We WOULD kinna like ta get out at that stinkey groundhog, but he says we cant.  He is mean sometimes.  He went an looked at it real close up, so we kinna figure we ought ta get a chance, but we have been kept in since he killed it.  Is THAT fair?  No way.  He is mean like that.  The only thing WE are gonna see is a clean hosed-out trap inna few days.  Totally unfair!

We think we are all gonna go to bed fer the "night" about 7 am.  Do you go through that too?  Suits us just fine, but we hear that is odd.