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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Evil Puzzle Box, Part 2

It changed...

It was bad at first, but he PAINTED IT!  It started like this...
 See the evil paw holes?
 We hadda pull treats out.
 Then he painted it.
 At least he cut the bottom holes a bit first.
He did let it sit in the garage fer a few days ta make the nasty paint smell go away.

But now we get our treats in THAT THING or the EGG THING.  Which means we gotta WERK fer treats now.  This is NOT right...

I AM good at both though...  More fer me.  Iza an Ayla get the fall-outs...


[TBT:  I thought I would make a cardboard version before trying it out in wood.  It actually works very well.  Who needs a wood one?  Marley loves it, Iza can deal with it.  Ayla hates it.  So I give her treats separately.  No one gets left treatless here.]