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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Garden Tour


I gotta BIG surprize  fer ya today!  Ya got to slip through the open fence.  Its OK, no wooffies or Visshus Deers.  TBT checked real careful.  Cuz what I got today is in the front yard.

Lookit THIS tree!
 Its called Golden Rain Tree, an ya can see why.  It is all golden this week.

See up close?
It is all covered with gold flowers!

An I got another surprise!  Hosta flowers! 
 Ya don't see them often cuz they dont last long. 
Well, ya grow the hostas fer the leafs, but the flowers are nice too.

Now lets get back inside the fence where its safe.  Cant take chances, right?  Lets see what Marley has set out today.  Ooh Soulistic Chicken WITH gravy, Nip mashed in pond water, and (oh wow) chicken jerky!  Where did he find THAT?  Have at it friends! Nom, Nom. Nom...

Good werk, Marley!  Ya done good "Moose".  Y'all are invited to lick or paw big ole Marley iffen ya want (he loves it).  Just LOOK at those huge paws...