Sunday, July 17, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

IZA Cleans Up...  Instead of the usual nappin together, we decided ta show what Iza does EVRY day at mealtime.  We eall (her included) eat our fill an leave.  Then Iza goes ta werk on the bowls.  She scrapes and scrapes and scrapes and scrapes and scrapes and scrapes and scrapes and scrapes...  Well, you get the idea...
She drags stuff FROM OTHER ROOMS.  That green squiggle was in the BEDROOM!   Those parts of egg cartons she as chewed apart were in the living room.  That black mousie was down the stairs.  She brought it up to add to the pile. 

To be fair, she also covers full bowls of food she doesn't like.  She is an equally like/dislike coverer.

We are callin it "Easy Like Sunday" cuz she seems SO relaxed after she does all this werk.  Goes up to (near)  the top of the cat tree and settles down to a nice long nap! 

And we let her.  That is OUR help fer Easy Sunday.  Sometimes it is a gift to just be let alone fer a while.