Monday, July 18, 2011


We sleep weerd sometimes.  Usally, we dont want to touch.  But sometimes odd things happen.  Marley minds it least. Ayla minds it most.
 Serious Iza/Marley touchin.
 Iza/Ayla touchin...
 Close up!
An they continued unaware!
 Then Ayla an Marley...
 Ayla noticed an dint even mind!
Feliway works great here.  Things have been calmer the past few weeks since TBT got more of it.  It was really hissy an snarkey 2 months ago without it.  WE love it, you may not.

But just look at the picture above.  Ayla is 4 years old, Marley is only11 months.  Look at them both.  She is so small an he he SO BIG!  They get along SO WELL!  We will see if the effects last after the 6 month supply runs out.  MOL!