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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ayla's Bowl Question From Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  On Saturday, I showed a picture of our bowls, and asked ya ta guess which was mine.

Bowl #1 - No guesses

Bowl #2 - "no reason given" (1)

Bowl #3 - "because its completely empty/can stuff yer face an run around" (8), "no reason given" (2), "my bowl on right, Iza's on left" (1), "less food" (1)

All 3 - "cuz yer an energetic meezer" (1),"no reason given" (1)

Unspecified - "Biggest Bowl" (1)

I LOVED all the guesses, and specially the reasons for the guesses!   First, I gotta say it wasnt the unspecified "biggest bowl", they are all identical.  But I give that one an award for most BIG SMILES of the day an wildest unique guess!  Sometimes that werks; not this time.  MOL!

Second, it wasnt bowl #1. You were ALL right about that!

Third, it wasn't "All 3".  I would never deign to eat from a used food bowl.  I AM a Princess, after all.

Fourth, it wasn't bowl #2.

Fifth, so MY bowl is BOWL #3!  12 of 16 guesses were CORRECT!  I am impressed...  8 of you had it correct because I always lick my bowl clean!  When I am finished (and I eat fast), I do a funny little bunny hop an walk away.  And 1 of you were correct cuz ya noticed from past posts (I suspect, since ya also knew Iza eats on the left) that we each have our own positions; I eat on the right, Iza eats on the left, and Marley ended up in the middle after he arrived this year.

The "bowl #3, less food" answer was right but fer the wrong reason.  We each get the same amount.  I actally eat a little MORE than Iza and Marley (cuz I clean the bowl), but I just dont get bigger.  Its frustratin.  But I dont have worms or annythin.  TBT says I am warmer than Iza and Marley.  He IS worried I am "burning my candle from both ends".  But the vet says I am fine.

I cant tell the reasons for the correct bowl #3 "no reasons given", but I bet they had good reasons.  Sorry I dint think to ask for reasons for the guesses.  You were both as accurate as the others an bet ya saw the clean bowl as the reason.  Or the position of the bowl. OK Cats NAILED that part!  Gotta give them creds for that.  But most of you really got the CLEAN part right too.

Both were right.


Now to end this with a funny little story!  Las night, when TBT put the Stinky Goodness down, Iza an Marley were out of "position".  They both looked aroun an Iza started eatin from the MIDDLE bowl - Marley's!  He looked at the nice lonely left one, then to the accustomed middle one, and stuck his nose into the middle bowl Iza was eatin from.  Alas, TBT was too slow with the camera.  It wouldda been a GREAT once-inna-lifetime picture (sigh).  Viral if videoed?  Not sure, I dont know enough about that.  But it wouldda been record-setting HERE fer sure.  Watched over an over...

But Marley was more determined than Iza an she jumped back away to go to her usual left bowl.

(Ya know what I think?  Im not sure what happened, but I think their TONGUES touched briefly - ICK, ICK, ICK!!!)  I bet they dont make THAT mistake again!